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Anna Hall

Master Esthetician

Anna Hall  interest of skin care began with herself. She intuitively began studying her skin texture and personally started taking care of her own skin. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to attend the Esthetic Institute of Virginia where she obtained her certification as Master Esthetician, specializing with advance clinical skincare, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage.

Anna’s extensive studies and experiences have clearly manifested her professional skills with effective results. She takes the time to analyze each individual of their skin textures and skin care concerns. Then she customizes a treatment plan that will help best each client. To achieve this, Anna utilizes and combines only the best natural and organic products of various brands that provide actual results. She does not rely on a brand’s entire product line, rather she researches, identifies and utilizes only the products that have proven successful. She also specializes with various skin care technologies including European-sourced microcurrent, radio frequency, photon light and facial muscle stimulation machines. Anna focuses on each client’s specific needs, combining both technological skin care treatments and the best products available. Under Anna’s care, customers discover effective preventative, anti-aging and nourishing skin care.

Since Anna joined Your Life Energy Holistic Center, she has transformed and revamped our skin care services providing customers with only the best products and techniques.