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Renewal, Harmony & Balance

Established in 2004

705 Prince St - Alexandria, VA 2234 (202) 425-4505

Body Treatments

By Appointment Only

Restorative, soothing and rejuvenating treatments for your body, neck and shoulders

When should you have a body treatment?

You should consider having a body treatments just before a special event where you will be showing your back in a plunging dress or just before the start of bathing suit season. During the winter your skin gets even drier so this type of treatments will repair the damage done by the cold weather and the artificial environment such as the pump heaters at home and working area.

Body treatments are not only excellent for re-hydrating your skin texture they are also relaxing and invigorating. Each treatment consist on deep cleansing, exfoliating dead skin and moisturizing. This will reduce acne (impurities caused by activities such as doing exercise or eating the wrong food); it smooths your skin texture and evens skin tone. Body treatments are an overall wellness regime.

Branwen - Partial Facial (60 minutes) $165

Forehead, Eyes, Décolleté, & Neck Microderma or Diamond Dermafile & Enzime Peel Treatment


Diamond Dermafile is the holistic approach for a natural and non-invasive exfoliation of your skin. It removes effectively and safely the outer layer of dead cells, revealing a smoother, glowing and rejuvenated complexion.

The procedure does not require deep suction of the dead cells as does the Microdermabrasion method. Instead, the Diamond Dermafile wand offers the same resurfacing benefits with a gentle touch applied manually, allowing the technician better control of the process, making it especially well-suited for sensitive skin. No-down-time, no side effects, no discomfort!

The treatment can be applied to aging and sun damaged skin, scars, pigmentation and enlarged clogged pores.

Benefits and Advantages

Enhances the natural production of collagen in your skin, smooths fine lines, rough, bumpy scars and dry patches of skin, removes sun damage and pigmentation and diminishes ingrown hairs.

It includes:

  • Professional skin analysis and advice to address the essential needs of your skin treatment and home care.
  • Deep steam cleansing (assuring deeper pore cleansing without damaging your skin tissue) and extractions (if necessary).
  • Diamond Dermafile treatment and Enzime Peel for face (exfoliation of the skin).
  • Herbal aromatherapy and massage for your face, neck, shoulders, hand and arms.

Add $25 for 15 mins back massage

Add $50 for 30 mins back massage

Add $25 Microcurrent Neck

Add $45 Microcurrent Chest

Add $25 for Eye Lift Treatment

Add $10 for any of the following facial enhancers (anti aging treatments):

-Concentrate Vitamin C (helps healing skin texture, cell renewal and brighten your skin texture)

-Hyaluronic Acid (helps retaining collagen, increases moisture and improves your skin elasticity)

-Stem Cell Activator (activates re-generation of cells and heal damage skin texture)

Back Facial with Microdermabrasion Treatment (60 mins) $165


Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation

This wonderful treatment eliminates old cells, minimizes and softens scarring appearance on your back. It improves and smooths your skin texture and natural color.

  • Add $50 for 30 minutes of back and neck massage
  • Add $98 for 60 minutes massage

Calming Mineral Body Wrap and Dry Brush Exfoliation (70 minutes) $185


Exfoliation, skin nourishment (it improves elasticity) and soothing. This is the ideal treatment to have the day before of your wedding day or going to outdoors (i.e. beach)

The treatment exfoliates the body, removing dead cells and finish with nourish the skin with antioxidant mask.

The aromatic oils and calming herbal botanical ingredients of Green Tea, Grape Skin and Marjoram promote well-being and calm in this classic spa favorite. This pampering treatment locks in moisture for long lasting hydration and nourishment.

  • Add $50 for 30 minutes of back and neck massage
  • Add $98 for 60 minutes massage

Décolleté, Neck, Arms and Elbows Microdermabrasion Treatment Fallows with 30 minutes of Back Massage (60 minutes) $185


Exfoliation, skin nourishment and restorative treatment, ideal for renewing skin cells, minimizing fine lines and restoring the body's tension.

  • Add $25 for Microcurrent Neck
  • Add $25 Eye Lift Treatment

Dermafile Treatment for Décolleté, Neck, Arms and Elbows with Enzyme Mask

Fallows with 30 minutes of Back Massage (60 minutes) $195


Exfoliation, extra skin nourishment and restorative body treatment, ideal for renewing skin cells, minimizing fine lines and dark spots.

  • Add $25 Microcurrent Neck
  • Add $25 Eye Lift Treatment

Body Detoxifying Treatment (75 minutes) $195


This session is not available

in Phase 3

Exfoliation and drainage treatment

This treatment exfoliates the body, helps eliminating dead cells and trapped toxins within your body. Enhances blood circulation and stimulates your natural drainage (lymphatic system).

It includes:

  • Whole body dry brush exfoliation, contour massage for your legs with ultrasound frequency treatment (combats cellulite) and body herbal wrap to hydrate and nourish your body with nutrients. Then enjoy the treatment inside of the sauna blanket to stimulate and accelerate natural detox.