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Payments and Cancellation Policies

All our services will require full payment to secure your appointment.

If you have an eGift or Gift Certificate, please call us at (202) 425-4505, we will assist you scheduling your session, and process your payment for any remaining balance.

If your session is booked by phone, you will be able to pay at the time of your call or if you prefer you can request an invoice to make your payment online.

All invoices for any session request will be due on the same day it is sent to you. Your reservation will be held for 24 hours until payment process is completed. If your payment is not received, sadly your session request will be cancelled, in this case a new session request and payment will be processed again.

Special Offers: All special offers are required to be paid in full.

Our cancellation policy: Payment will be refunded by check, it will be given to the person who made the payment (minus 6% processing fee) if you cancel up to 48 hours prior to the appointment.

There is no refund for the following:

  1. If you cancel within 48 hours prior to your scheduled session
  2. You cancel your appointment on the same day of your session.
  3. You do not show for your session and/or you do not notify us that you are not able to come.

Rescheduling a session:

If you reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session your payment will be credited to your new session.

Any other additional balances for extra services occurring on the day of your appointment (i.e. skin care products, oils, additional treatments, etc.) will be due at the end of your session on the day of your appointment. This additional balance will be processed in front of you as quickly as possible. We will show it you to you and press the button for you (avoiding unnecessary touching of any screen or other items).

Please be advised that your appointment does not include tip. If you wish to give a tip to our practitioner we can include it in your payment.

Thank you for your understanding.